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Choosing the right
size setup



Deck Size

While some may think a skateboard is a skateboard......there are many things that you should think about before purchasing a new set up. And although it is up to  personal preference, the following three things should be considered when selecting the right size deck: Body Size, Shoe size & Riding Style & Terrain.

Body Size - Choose a board that is suitable for your body size, while most street decks are similar in length, deck widths can alter your ride enormously. Even a difference in .25 can make a considerable difference in the way a board feels under your feet.

Shoe Size -This also is an important factor when choosing a board width. Doing technical tricks requires a good fit between foot and board. Your deck width should be relative to your shoe size

Riding Style/Terrain - If you are a skater who is wanting to perform tricks like ollies and kickflips then having a decent Nose and tail kicks are an important feature. Generally speaking the tail kick is shorter and steeper to allow extra leverage and the nose is shallower but longer to make it easier to catch with your front foot. 



The most important factor to consider when choosing trucks is size.


The ideal size will have an axle width that matches or comes close to your deck width. Trucks also come in a number of height profiles, although The higher profiles are more standard as they give a more responsive turn and a little more wheel clearance.


There are many choices you can make when purchasing skateboard trucks with the main difference involving lightness. Trucks can be made from various things but are generally made of aluminium alloy in the hanger and baseplate with steel axles and kingpins. These are often made lighter by hollowing out the existing part (kingpins and axles). Generally speaking, a lighter skateboard truck will feel nicer to ride but will be a little more expensive.

Casting Process

There are two main casting processes for skateboard trucks.

Die Casting - This is the process used for most standard trucks.

This involves forcing molten metals into the moulds under high pressure. 

Gravity Casting - This is the more expensive way to produce trucks as it involves hand pouring the molten metals into the moulds which are then inverted allowing the force of gravity to fill all the cavities.  This means fewer air bubbles and a stronger denser metal.


Skateboard wheels are measured by both diameter and durometer. Diameter is the size of the wheel, and durometer is the hardness of the wheel. Both of these factors are a matter of personal preference, and what you intend to do on your skateboard.


Generally speaking, harder wheels are faster and softer wheels are slower, but have the added advantage of having more grip & rebound. Softer wheels are better suited to street skating, beginners & cruisers, harder wheels are better for smooth surfaces, such as skate parks & a more advanced rider wanting to perform tricks. Anything in the range 78a-87 is considered a Soft wheel. Wheels with durometer between 87a-99a are considered hard & anything above 99a are as hard as you can get and are the perfect choice if you’re more experienced in the sport or love performing technical skills

Most brands measure durometer on the “A Scale” which has a scale from 1-100 while other trucks use the Durometer "B Scale" which measures 20 points below the Durometer A Scale. This allows for an additional 20 points & is most precise way of measuring the hardest of wheels.

Skateboard Deck Size Guide
Correct skateboard stance
Skateboard Truck components


Truck size              Deck Size

        5"                  7.25"- 7.5"

     5.25"                   8"- 8.25"

      5.5"                  8.25"- 8.5"

     6"                     8.5"- 9"

Skateboard Wheel Durometer

The conversion from A - B  Durometer 

                               100A  = 80B

                       101A  = 81B

                       102A  = 82B

                       103A  = 83B

                       104A  = 84B

The information provided above should be used as a guide only.  Please ensure you use equipment suited to your skating type and ability.  Remember skateboarding is an extreme sport, please take all appropriate precautions before undertaking this sport.


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