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When you have parents who grew up submerged in the hardcore skate culture of the 80's, it was inevitable that we were rolling before we could walk. Like the rest of the skating world, dad was thrilled because skateboarding was finally starting to become a legitimate sport. Skaters were starting to get recognised and become sponsored, more skate shops were starting to pop up, but more importantly there was a shift in mindsets.....skaters were no longer looked upon as "bums"

Like dad, us boys were madly obsessed with anything that had wheels really. We played around on BMX’s for a while, surf skates, penny's, scooters, shopping trolleys!?, may have even put on a set of blades at one stage!

But in the end, we were always drawn back to the faithful double kicker skateboard. Experimenting with different transition tricks was our jam, so they were the perfect board for us and would keep us entertained for hours on end.


School wasn't something that came easy to us. Years of being made to feel inadequate can really take its toll. Thank God we had parents that understood that formal education is not the answer for everyone.

So, tired of being reminded of all that we couldn't achieve, we decided it was time to change the narrative that had been drilled into us for so long. “Stop focusing on our inabilities and concentrate on abilities”.

So, in 2020, armed with our new found life directive, we decided it was time to start thinking about how we could turn our passion into our future and show all those narrow-minded educators of our past, that we all have the ability to succeed, the key is what we focus on!!.


The next two years were probably the hardest yet most rewarding experiences ever. We wrote a business plan, onboarded a team of industry professionals and together started working on developing our dream products.

Both exciting yet stressful, we worked hard to create a brand that incorporated professional quality products that were appealing to all ages and genders. We wanted to create products that enhanced a skaters ability & gave riders the best possible riding experience that could be had.

But focusing on creating awesome products was not our only goal. Our mission was to support, encourage and inspire as many young guns as we could along the way.  We wanted to help promote Australian Skateboarders & support the growth of the industry as best we could. 


By Dec 2022 Kingswood Skateboards™️ was ready to launch its very first series to the Australian market. This included a series of skateboards, skateboard hardware & small range of skate inspired apparel.

The range took off immediately & the signature Logo deck was starting to become a common sighting at most skate events. What we didn’t expect was having the opportunity to showcase our works at international competitions. With Team Riders successfully joining the WST in Greece and Dubai, we were fortunate enough to have our brand broadcast across some major skateboarding media outlets. This not only was a dream come true for our team, but also a truly rewarding experience for us.

But the Kingswood Team aren't about to slow down any time soon. We have Invested more time and money into product development, technology & sustainability & are continuing to find ways to help support youth skaters from the grass roots and up.

Our journey is just beginning. The question is, do you want to enjoy the ride with us?


Rexy Hendo

Embracing neurodiversity is about accepting, including, celebrating & supporting neurodivergent children.

Their differences are part of natural variation and don't need to be treated or changed. For more information on neurodiversity please visit the following links. The more we understand the more accepting we become.

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